Adeline - Distributor of Anti-Cancer Drugs in Kolkata. It has other branches in kolkata for retailing & wholeselling division.


The company established by Late Paul Gomes (Passed away 11th june, 1996) run by now Mr.  Desmond Kajal Gomes with the blessings of his father.

We deal with specially Morphine Tablet & Fentanyl Patch & Buprenorphine Patch & variety of General & ICCU Drugs. We also recently started Adeline Pharmaceuticals as a C. A. of M/s GLS Pharma Ltd., Accrue Care, Anthem Bio Pharma.

We have a strong innovative approach and aim for technological advancements that have ensured us a leading position in the pharmaceutical industry. We are assured that our sheer hard-work & honest production process surpasses the international parameters.

At present we have both the businesses i.e. retail and wholesale operating from different locations separately.  The other salient points about our firms are as follows:-

1)      Our firm is fully law compliant firm conforming to all the Govt. norms in best possible way and is free from any litigation whatsoever.

2)       At present we have about 20 numbers of employee all experienced in their respective field and fully dedicated to the firm.

3)       We have advantage of running our business from our own premises developed and spacious enough to cope with the entire requirement.

4)       We are well equipped in terms of manpower as well as other infrastructure so as to carry and expand the above business in efficient way. We have well-trained staff members with vehicles, who are capable of handling and delivering all lifesaving drugs on time.

5)      We are fully equipped with exclusive cold Storage facilities  to store drugs as per prescribed norms with generator.

6)       We enjoy the patronage of many eminent Doctors, hospitals executive and maintain good relations and rapport perennially as part of business strategy, essential for flourishing of business of our like.

7)      Financially also our standing is on firm footing as we have good financial support from our banker besides our own investment in the business is sufficient to take care of any expansion in future.